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“People protect what they love.”- Jacques Costeau

We’re inspired at Cross Island Cruises every day, as we help people discover and fall in love with the environment we’re all part of. The sounds and marshes surrounding Hilton Head Island host one of the most productive ecosystems in the world, and we feel we have a duty as stewards to educate visitors on the importance of its conservation.

Charles Fraser created the first resort on Hilton Head with the idea that our presence should have minimal impact on nature; that we can blend in with it rather than take it over. Our trips are created with that in mind.  Our dolphin watching experience has a strict no touch, no feed, no harass policy.  We may encounter crabs, minnows, mollusks and other critters throughout our adventures.  All are released back into the water safely.  Any shells picked up during our beachcombing adventures are thoroughly inspected, to make sure there’s no little fellow calling it home!

In June of 2023, Tripadvisor, the online travel company that operates in over 40 countries, awarded our Private Dolphin Tour with their “Best of the Best” Travelers’ Choice award, listing our excursion the Best Family-Friendly Experience in the world! Being selected from over 8 million listings is both a humbling and gratifying achievement!

While we try to include all the information here in these pages we think you’ll need to select a trip, if you have any additional questions, please send us a quick message below.

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