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Discover Tamanend’s Bottlenose Dolphin: A New Year, A New Species

For years, our private dolphin tours around Hilton Head Island have showcased the beauty of the common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus). On these boat tours, we’ve often marveled at the differences between the offshore and coastal dolphins, particularly in their sizes. However, recent studies reveal that these variations are not mere distinctions within a species; […]

Unveiling the Electrifying Secrets of Hilton Head’s Bottlenose Dolphins

In a remarkable breakthrough, researchers at the Nuremberg Zoo in Germany have uncovered a previously unknown sensory ability in bottlenose dolphins: electroreception. This groundbreaking revelation not only establishes a connection between dolphins and other electroreceptive animals but also enhances our comprehension of how these fascinating creatures engage with their aquatic surroundings. What’s even more intriguing […]

Nature Tours on Hilton Head in October: A Marine Wonderland

As summer’s scorching heat gives way to the refreshing coolness of fall, October emerges as a captivating time to experience the aquatic beauty through a nature tour on Hilton Head Island. The island’s enchanting waters are teeming with vibrant marine life, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a unique and unforgettable coastal adventure. […]

The Vanishing Mile Isle: What’s Happening in 2023?

The Vanishing Mile Isle is a mile long sandbar exposed at low tide. Officially named Grenadier Shoal on nautical charts, it has been a popular excursion near Daufuskie Island. Tour companies on Hilton Head have taken guests to explore the bar for years. Treasures found include sand dollars, sea shells and shark teeth among the […]

Hilton Head Island Salt Marsh

Hilton Head Island is defined by the salt marsh, one of the most remarkable natural systems on Earth.  The salt marsh has been described as a biological factory without equal. more fertile than an Iowa corn field, and responsible for producing an incredible amount of biomass.  Over 75% of all the commercially caught seafood will […]

Strand Feeding Dolphins of Hilton Head Island

While taking a dolphin tour on Hilton Head Island, there are many opportunities to view wildlife in all its beauty and wonder. Nothing, however, compares with getting an opportunity to witness these beautiful creatures strand feeding along the shores of our waters. What is Strand Feeding? Dolphins are well known for their complex social behavior […]

Things to do on Hilton Head when it rains

Hilton Head is full of things to do outdoors. Beautiful beaches, bike trails, golf courses and boat rides are all major reasons why it’s such a popular tourist destination.  But there are some days the weather doesn’t quite work out the way we’d like. What do to on Hilton Head when it rains? Don’t let […]

Spartina Grass

I don’t think anyone’s ever written a riveting story about grass, but if you were, you’d have to make sure the type of grass is worth talking about.  The spartina grass we have that’s found in our salt marsh definitely fits this bill. Formally called sporobolus alterniflora, and known as smooth cordgrass, it’s the basis of […]

Muddy Waters

Healthy waters are a staple of healthy island life. While visiting the Island, a lot of visitors will ask about the quality of our water.  They see its brown or green coloration and think it must not be very clean.  There’s a natural inclination to see something murky as unhealthy.   Not only is our water […]

Tides and Currents

Depending on the time of year and position of celestial bodies, we have a very wide tidal variance here on Hilton Head, ranging as low as 6 feet and as high as 10. This is evidenced along the beaches and marshes around the island.

Mobula Rays of Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is a well known place to see dolphins in the wild. But did you know we also get an influx of manta and mobula rays coming into the waterways every spring and summer? Mobula Ray or Manta Ray? There was a time that manta and mobula rays where considered separate families. It […]

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